Best Weight loss app for Android

                                                             Google Fit

Google Fit, This application is the most downloaded and loved application of Android Smartphones user as it comes with more advantages for losing the weight as compared to other application available in different platforms of downloading the application.This application already come out as pre installed application on android smartphone. All the user need to turn on the application. You can also track your body moments or in simple words you can track your fitness with different fitness bands Like, mi band, fitbit, and other android wears.Somewhat this application is still under progress. Google is planning for various improvements and redesigning the app.

It can be easily download and installed at free of cost on Google Play Store.

                                                              My Plate

My Plate, this application helps the user for counting the calories they have consumed in a day. This app helps to arrange or manage the diet and can even check what you eat.This app contained the data of more than 200 millions item. It also has the barcode scanner which helps to quickly add items on the list. It tracks the water intake of the user. The app basically helps the user as it manages the time to time meals of the user and helps the user from staying away of unhealthy things. This app has helped thousands of user for losing their weight. The user can purchase the prime membership at $9.99 USD per month ,$29.99 USD per half yearly and $44.99 USD for per year. It can be easily download and installed on Google Play Store.


Zombies,Run, basically it is the gaming application which tries to motivate or encourage the user for doing the exercises. In this game you can hear the sound of zombies chasing the player,it is an adventurous game with great sound. The user runs in the game and moves to the different places and they can hear what might be happen next. There are more than 200 missions in the game. There is a prime membership in the game which the user can purchase from the app in $2.99usd per month or $19.99 usd per year. It is a fun game which may be motivate or encourage you to stand and roam around and loss your weight. It can be download and installed at free of cost on Google Play Store.

                                                           Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio, This is one of the best application for losing the weight for beginners as it is new application has many latest and advanced features. It basically teaches the user about the yoga. How To Do Yoga. It has many different stages of yoga for different categories like Beginner, Advanced and Even Further. There are already more than 65 yoga classes in the application It has over 280 positions. It gives the user a feature as user can also create their own class in the app. It provides the schedule of training and it tracks how much you have improved or transformed. It can be easily download and installed after paying $3.99 USD from Google Play Store.

                                             You Are Your Own Gym

You are your own gym, this application is basically made after the or you can say like it might be based on the wonderful book which was popular the book by Mark Lauren. This application has more than 200 exercises which you can without needed any equipment specially for the exercise which will help you to burning your fat. The beginner might love this application as they do not have enough funds or space for making gym at home. The application can be download and install after paying $4.99 USD from Google Play Store. You can even purchase add ons like exercise videos.